2023 - 2025
MS in Information Systems at Cornell Tech. Involved in research and teaching roles focusing on machine learning and NLP.
2021 - 2023
BS at the University of Texas at Austin with a major in mathematics and two certificates in computer science. This is where I first got into AI, attending Good Systems' events and classes.
Urban Tech Hub, Cornell University

Urban Tech Hub focuses on evaluating and enhancing urban technologies through advanced analytics.

As a Graduate Research Assistant, contributed to developing NLP tools and optimizing 311 call responses using machine learning.

Break Through Tech AI, Cornell University

The initiative aims to foster diversity in technology fields through targeted education.

Engaged as a Teaching Assistant, taught machine learning to underrepresented groups and assisted in global projects.

Urban Information Lab

The UIL leverages cutting-edge information technologies to optimize the design and planning of urban spaces. Founded in 2013, the lab specializes in big data analytics focused on urban development.

I was the lead developer on close collaborations with the City of Austin, the Texas Advanced Computing Center, and the National Science Foundation.

Good Systems, University of Texas at Austin

Good Systems is a leading initiative focused on the ethical design and societal impact of AI and machine learning.

Participated as an Undergraduate Research Assistant, where machine-learning algorithms were developed for predicting city development and implementing real-time fire tracking maps. Additionally, served as a Program Assistant in the Department of Computer Science, aiding in the education of Java applications and data visualization for over 50 students.


311 Analysis Dashboard

Optimized over 2.7M calls

ML recommender system for 311 calls, focusing on predictive analytics.

Houston Food Deserts

$750,000 NSF Grant

Blockchain-based food charity marketplace to tackle food deserts.

Fire and Smoke Digital Twin

$1.4M Collaboration

Live fire mapping and smoke path prediction for urban safety.


Published Paper

Large language model for computational tasks, competitive in academic testing.

Warehouse Transportation

Optimized Logistics

API for route and vehicle configuration in logistics and transportation.

Ethical Games in ML

Published Paper

Research in ethical game-oriented AI, focusing on moral agents in machine learning.

Git-based Cord

Decentralized Messaging

A git-based, decentralized messaging system with end-to-end encryption.


Won 1st Place, Texas Immersive Buildfest

AR-enabled visual recognition app for recycling education.